6 High-quality SEO Content Types to Boost Your Website

Tati Khumairoh

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6 High-quality Content Types to Boost Your SEO (PLUS Prizes)

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    There are many SEO content types to boost website performance, but you don't have to create all of them. Choose the best types that represent your brand and help your audience. Thus, you need to make sure of the quality of your content.

    Creating high-quality content needs high creativity and skill. It will be doubled when you are required to create SEO-friendly content. Content can be in the form of a blog post, social media post, or anything else. Here are various content types to enhance your SEO.

    Blog Post

    First, a Blog post is probably the most common type of content to boost SEO performance. It is known for a reason, people read blogs a lot.  However, blog posts now and then are not the same. The blog post is not only a public journal to share your day, but a blog also has become a new way to introduce your brand to the reader and establish a strong authority in a certain field. In the results, the higher Google rank will be yours. 

    In your blog, you can share the topic related to your product, the problem that can be solved by your product, or your experience with using a product. This tends to drive more traffic since people want to know the practical application of your product.

    You can use your website blog to publish high-quality content that can draw readers' engagement and make them do what you want them to do. This can be a medium to answer all your visitor's questions about your business. Give them what they want to know and lead them to the related page to explore more. It applies to all business levels, even SMEs.

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    6 High-quality Content Types to Boost Your SEO (PLUS Prizes)

    Figure 1: The illustration of a blog post to enhance on-page SEO.

    Long Form Content

    As it said in the name, long-form content is content written longer than 1,500 words. It can be an e-book or in-depth blog post that aimed to explain a certain topic. Generally, in-depth content is good for SEO since Google crawlers like to see a detailed discussion and understand it better. 

    In writing long-form content, you need to be sure that the whole article is relevant to each part and readable to the users. By that, it can serve helpful answers which can boost your ranking. If you are aware of Google's helpful content update, you must understand that helpful content is paramount to Google crawlers.

    However, not all topics need to be written in a long form. Some topics might be more suitable if you write them in a short form such as recipes, product release posts, and any topics that do not need a long discussion. 

    You can try to create complete guide topics that explain the topic from start to the finish to the users. Within these posts, you can build internal linking that allows the users to jump to the other related article. Content with easy navigation certainly has the potential to increase your SEO implementation.

    Evergreen Content 

    Evergreen content is timeless content which means it will always be relevant to the audience search.  This content is search-optimized content regardless of season and trends. The topic usually will always have a good demand over time. 

    It means that even if you post your content a year ago, the topic will remain relevant to the search demand now and can still rank well on Google. Here is the example of topics of evergreen content

    • How to lose weight

    • How to block Google crawler

    • Google guideline on backlink

    Evergreen content is good for driving organic traffic and rarely gets a drastic traffic drop. However, you will always need to optimize it over time to maintain the ranking. 

    Case Study Content

    Case study content is effective to show your audience how professional your business is in handling a case. This content must be original and based on your business experience. Supported by reliable data, a case study can attract more readers who are interested in your business. 

    You should not underestimate the importance of this content in increasing sales. It can be a real-life example of how your company has helped its clients. In-depth case studies that can highlight your success can better attract prospective customers rather than merely show your unique selling points.

    Not all companies make a good case study, that is why you need to have yours the best. A high-quality case study must have these qualities:

    • Compelling subject: not all your project can be a case study content. Pick the best project you have with a great achievement impacted by your company. 

    • Specific and relevant: the case study must be specific to an industry and relevant to their problem so that they can feel the urge. Make sure you can touch all your audience's problems.

    • Problem-solving: the case study must be solution-centric. It means that it should highlight how to solve the problem with your product or services.

    • Reliable evidence: do not make up the case study. If you do not have results yet, do not make a case study. Evidence and data are pretty much needed to make case study content. Your audience demands proof so you have to serve it well. 

    Social Channel Content

    6 High-quality Content Types to Boost Your SEO (PLUS Prizes)

    Figure 2: The social media channel content types as the alternative platform to have high-quality content that is useful for SEO.

    The next content type is social channel content. Besides the website content you build, it is important to have social media content that can link back to your website. It is a good collaboration between platforms to invite more visitors. 

    Social media content is varied, you need to choose the best type for your business. It can be user-generated content that is made by users and you can use it as yours. It is entertaining and informative at the same time. 

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    Essay sounds odd, but it is not. You can write an essay as you wish to pour your thought about something into writing. It is a good way to build personal branding or even for your business. It is a nice-to-have content when you already have all five content types above. 

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    That's you have it, six content types to enhance your SEO performance. Content is a big part of SEO, you can introduce your business through it. That is why making high-quality content for your website is uncompromised. Go for a better SEO with Sequence Stats as your SEO tool in tracking your keywords will be great.