Duplicate Title Tags - A Guide on How to Find and Fix It

Tati Khumairoh

Published at April 06, 2024 07:20 AM

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    Duplicate title tags are one of the most common SEO issues that can significantly impact the website's performance on the search engine. Therefore, you need to identify it before it brings greater loss.

    Title tags are an important component because they offer concise descriptions of the content, making it easier for search engines to read and understand the content of a page. That is one reason why using a proper title tag is important for SEO.

    In this article, we will dive deeper into the duplicate title tag issue and prevent it from bringing more harm to the website's performance. So, let's learn how to find and fix it through this article.

    What Is Title Tag?

    First of all, let’s go for a refresher by remembering the definition of a title tag. A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. It is a crucial part of on-page SEO and is displayed as the main headline in search engine results pages (SERPs) when a user conducts a relevant search.

    The title tag serves several important purposes:

    • Search Engine Results: It provides a concise and accurate description of the content on a web page. Search engines use this information to determine the relevance of a page to a user's search query and display it in the search results.
    • Browser Tabs and Bookmarks: The title tag is also displayed on the browser tab when a user opens a webpage. Additionally, it is used as the default name for bookmarks when a user saves a page.
    • User Experience: A well-crafted title tag can attract the attention of users and encourage them to click on the link.

    What Are Duplicate Title Tags and Multiple Title Tags?

    Duplicate title tags refer to the situation where multiple pages on a website share the same title tag. Meanwhile, each page on a website should ideally have a unique title tag that accurately reflects the content and purpose of that specific page.

    Let's say you have an e-commerce website selling shoes, and two different pages unintentionally have the same title tag:

    Product Page: Men's Running Shoes - Best Deals

    Landing Page: Men's Running Shoes - Best Deals

    In this case, both pages have identical title tags, which could confuse search engines and users when determining the relevance of each page.

    When multiple pages use the same title tag, it can lead to various issues in terms of search SEO and user experience.

    Besides duplicate title tags, there is also one SEO issue regarding the title tag which is multiple title tags. This is a condition where a page is detected to have more than one title tag. Both issues are important to fix and need further maintenance.

    Here is an example of a multiple title tag:

    Page Title Tag: "Women's Sneakers - Trendy and Comfortable"

    Additional Title Tag in HTML: <title>Special Offers on Athletic Shoes for Women</title>

    Having multiple title tags on the same page can also create uncertainty about which title accurately represents the content as the search engines might struggle to determine the primary focus of the page.

    The SEO Impact of Duplicate Title Tags

    The SEO impact of duplicate title tags can be significant as it affects how search engines understand, index, and rank the pages of a website. Here's an in-depth explanation of the SEO consequences associated with duplicate title tags:

    1. Keyword Cannibalization

    When multiple pages have the same title tag, they are essentially competing for the same set of keywords. This issue can lead to keyword cannibalization, where search engines struggle to determine which page is the most relevant for a specific keyword.

    As a result, the pages may end up competing against each other rather than collectively contributing to the website's overall SEO strength.

    2. Ranking Ambiguity

    Search engines rely heavily on title tags to understand the content and relevance of a page to user queries. If multiple pages have identical title tags, search engines may have difficulty determining which page should rank higher for specific keywords.

    Therefore, this issue can result in ranking ambiguity and may lead to lower rankings for all pages involved.

    3. Reduced Click-Through Rate (CTR)

    Duplicate title tags can also confuse users when they see similar titles in search engine results. If users are unsure which page to click, it can result in a lower click-through rate. Users are more likely to click on a link with a clear and unique title that matches their search intent.

    4. Poor User Experience

    A website's SEO performance is not only about pleasing search engines but also about providing a positive user experience. Duplicate title tags can create confusion for users, as they may land on pages that do not precisely match their expectations based on the search results.

    5. Difficulty in Indexing and Categorization

    Search engines use title tags to index and categorize pages accurately. However, duplicate title tags can make it challenging for search engines to index and categorize pages correctly and lead to improper presentation of search results.

    To mitigate the SEO impact of duplicate title tags, it's crucial to conduct regular audits of title tags, ensuring each page has a unique, relevant, and keyword-optimized title tag.

    How to Find Title Tag Issues

    Finding and fixing title tag issues is a crucial aspect of on-page SEO. However, this is not something you can tell at the very first sight. Therefore, here we provide the steps on how you can find it.

    1. Use site: Search Operator

    The first way to find duplicate title tags is by running the Google "site" search operator. This tool comes in handy when you think that a group of URLs might have titles that are either similar or duplicates.

    Simply type the following formula into the Google search bar: site:yourdomain.com “your suspected duplicate title.”

    This will quickly show you if there are multiple links with the same or very similar title tags.

    However, this tool can identify the issue only when you have suspected a certain page. If not, then it might be difficult to search the page on your domain that has a title tag issue.

    2. Use Sequence Stat Site Audit

    If the first method is hard to do because you need to inspect it manually, then you might love using Sequence Stat Site Audit.

    This SEO tool offers many features to simplify SEO tasks, such as identifying multiple title tags. All you need to do is head to the Site Audit feature and run the site-wide audit.

    The system will return the result in a minute, then you will get the detailed result on the SEO issues. Here is a sneak peek of the results.

    To find the duplicate title tag, you can go to the content issue and see whether there is an issue or not. This way, you do not have to look for the page manually one by one which can be time-consuming. Sequence Stat is all you need.

    How to Fix Duplicate Title Tag

    After finding the page with duplicate and multiple title tags issue, you need to fix it immediately. To do that, here we recommend some best practices:

    • For pages with duplicate titles, review the content of each page and create unique, descriptive titles that accurately represent the specific content of that page.
    • Ensure that each title tag incorporates relevant keywords associated with the content of the respective page.
    • Keep titles within the recommended character limit, typically under 60 characters.
    • Alongside titles, ensure that meta descriptions are unique and provide a concise summary of each page's content.
    • Consider using dynamic titles, especially for websites with dynamically changing content.
    • After making necessary updates, submit your updated sitemap to search engines or use their webmaster tools to ensure that they crawl and index the changes.


    In conclusion, addressing duplicate title tags is crucial for maintaining a strong and effective SEO strategy. This guide has outlined the steps to identify and resolve issues related to duplicate title tags on your website. Then, it's time to optimize it.

    To help you do simpler SEO tasks, you can trust Sequence Stat as your SEO tool that can accommodate all the repetitive tasks for you. This way, you can be more productive for other projects and tasks.

    To enjoy every feature at ease, you can register to Sequence Stat, and let's witness how easy SEO tasks can be.