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    There are times throughout an SEO career journey when you feel like taking too many expectations from clients and simply losing control of the quality of everything appropriately. Many things are waiting ahead but just a few things seem to solve the problems. 

    Whether you are a solo player and manage every project personally or are part of an agency, some challenges in the SEO industry are almost the same - as everyone is doing similar things. 

    The core activities of an SEO professional range from conducting keyword research, performing page optimization, and growing website traffic.

    Those might sound like just regular activities with certain actions of following search engine updates. Yet, the tasks would seem totally different thing once it becomes a pile of work, especially if you handle more than just a handful of clients. 

    The number of targeted keywords that should be tracked and monitored will increase as well as pages that should be optimized. 

    With that in mind, it's never too late to invest in the right SEO automation tool that will help you do the job easier and allow you the flexibility to scale on a different level. After all, being able to compile your core activities in one centralized and collaborative place is essential to help you grow.

    In this article, we're going to share how the challenge of managing big workloads can be tackled with poise. A little help and a small solution do give a little boost to step ahead with better preparation.

    Grasping the Bigger Solution for Little Details

    Truth to be told, in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry, every project starts from small manageable tasks that stretch over time. It simply comes from keyword research, daily or weekly ranking monitoring, and regular page optimization. With that being said, it is mostly the quantity that overwhelms many SEO professionals.

    Not to mention if the client requests for additional pages or products in which the SEO needs to add other targeted keywords - giving extra load for them to perform. 

    That way, it is possible that you miss some details where everything you have promised would be hardly achieved. Yes, we're talking about how efficiency affects productivity and quality of work. 

    To confront the challenge, it is essential for every SEO professional to look at the bigger picture of how work should be done. 

    While the search engine makes a dozen updates every month, you also need to focus on how to handle the work with poise. Managing client expectations, project management, and choosing the right tool are some simple pieces of advice yet vital to start handling the challenges.

    Making Use of Available Insights in SEO Automation Tool to Simplify Works

    When it comes to simplifying workloads to optimize productivity and quality, choosing the right SEO automation tool is an essential thing to do. There are many good options available in the market but opt in for one that fulfills your needs in one place would be a better choice. This is where Sequence Stats comes to the rescue with a simple solution to lead to a bigger goal.

    Sequence Stats is an SEO Stats that gives you insights about keywords and how it performs on the search engine. It is a one-place solution where you can also do anything else related to the keyword performance, such as ranking, keyword monitoring, and competitive landscape. 

    It allows you to oversee quite many things from the SEO perspective and translate the data into visuals. That way it helps you to automate many indicators and makes it easy to report to the client. 

    Sequence Stats is basically suitable for every level of SEO professional, whether you are a newcomer in this industry or a senior who has been through a lot. It automates work and that helps you analyze the data without compiling it from one platform to another. So, how exactly can Sequence Stats do to simplify your pile of work?

    Rank Keyword Tracker

    The process of keyword research definitely doesn't stop at just looking for the high-demand ones. It continues to monitor how the targeted keywords perform and rank on search engines. That makes keyword tracking one of the time-consuming activities for SEO professionals. 

    As a keyword rank tracker, Sequence Stats allows you to monitor and track targeted keywords with ease. The rank dashboard displays the daily ranking both for desktop and mobile devices. You can go through the details of every keyword, such as the ranking history and search volume.

    Figure 1 - Daily ranking of keywords

    Figure 1 - Daily ranking of keywords

    Every ranking data will be stored in the system so that you can review its history. It allows you to review the targeted keywords' demand from the last month even until the last 24 months. The view provides the user to choose the period (6 months, 12 months, 24 months, or all data) and how the data will be presented (column graph, line graph, and line graph with pointer).

    The dashboard basically shows almost every vital element that an SEO professional needs to review their targeted keywords. It is categorized under essential keyword metrics, such as SERP feature data, search volume, last crawled time-based on GMT, and competition. 

    Those details are a breakthrough to help people in the SEO industry automate and analyze the data. That way, they can find solutions to improve the overall performance to achieve the goals.

    Multiple Domains

    We believe that throughout your career, the number of projects would increase as well. Therefore, aside from just giving a daily ranking dashboard, Sequence Stats also allows you to have multiple domains only in one user. This Domain Management feature helps SEO professionals to track their targeted keywords for each domain organized in one platform. 

    You can easily switch from one domain to another with this SEO tool. The rank dashboard will display the keywords ranking of each domain. That way, you can optimize your time without hassling from one platform to another.

    Cost per Click Estimation from Google

    Managing a campaign is also part of SEO activities. As an SEO specialist, you need to arrange the strategy of how a certain campaign would make the most in the search engine, such as using paid advertising. 

    Despite the fact that paid advertising is more the responsibility of marketing strategy, both SEO and paid advertising are under the umbrella of the search marketing bucket. 

    With the right implementation and strategy, both can fill each other to elevate performance. While SEO can focus on which keyword should be prioritized for paid advertising, Sequence Stats can help to provide information on the cost that should be paid.

    Figure 2 - CPC values ​​for each keyword tracked using Sequence

    Figure 2 - CPC values ​​for each keyword tracked using Sequence

    That function falls under the feature of Cost per Click (CPC) in the Keyword Metrics. As basic information, CPC is the amount of money that should be paid by a website owner for the total clicks acquired from ad serving. While targeting the keyword, you don't need to calculate the CPC cost manually.

    The CPC information is displayed in dollars for each keyword you are targeting. Using this data, you can estimate the cost and review how well the performance of your ads is.

    Getting Competitors’ Data

    Competitors’ data is essential in conducting competitive analysis. Thus, you need to collect the data to compare their performance to yours. It will be a burden to do it manually. But, worry no more, Sequence Stats wil automatically gather it for you.

    With the Domain Watchlist feature, you can add your competitor’s domain and monitor their performance over time. You can get their average ranking, market share, brand position, top pages, and top keywords.

    Figure 3 - Domain Watchlist page in Sequence

    Figure 3 - Domain Watchlist page in Sequence

    Wrapping Up

    Considering the common challenges faced by many SEO professionals, the main hurdle lies in the matter of quantity that piles up from different types of activities. Therefore, choosing the right SEO automation tool is one crucial thing to resolve the challenges with poise. 

    A little help that automates work would mean significant as it can boost productivity and quality of work. Nothing good comes easy but Sequence Stats can be a good start to alleviate the workloads that can be done with tools.

    You can register now and get the free trial plus a free balance to explore this SEO automation tool for 12 months straight.