Essential Website SEO Stats You Can't Afford to Ignore

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    Monitoring website stats is crucial for understanding the performance and effectiveness of a website. It helps website owners and marketers understand their audience, track website traffic, and make informed decisions about optimizing their websites for better engagement and conversion rates. 

    Keeping an eye on the prioritized metrics can provide valuable insights into how users interact with a website and how to improve their experience. In this article, you will learn the most essential SEO website stats you cannot ignore. 

    Website Stats and The Importance

    Website stats refer to the various measurements and data points collected about a website's performance, such as its average ranking, market share, brand position, and so on. These metrics help website owners and marketers understand the effectiveness of their websites and decide how to optimize them for better results.

    The importance of monitoring website stats lies in the insights they provide into how users interact with a website, what is and isn't working, and where improvements can be made. Overall, tracking website stats is crucial for website optimization and ensuring a positive user experience.

    Essential SEO Website Stats to Monitor

    Without knowing the Website and SEO stats, you will not have sufficient data to make improvements. These are some metrics you need to 

    Average Ranking

    Average website ranking refers to the position of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs) in relation to other websites, based on relevant keywords. It is calculated by taking the average ranking position of a website for multiple keywords.

    Monitoring average website ranking is important because it gives insight into a website's visibility and competitiveness in search engines. A higher average ranking indicates that a website is appearing in higher positions for relevant keywords, which can result in more visibility and traffic. 

    A lower average ranking, on the other hand, may indicate that a website is struggling to compete for certain keywords and needs improvement.

    Picture 1: Average Ranking Stats in Sequence

    Picture 1: Average Ranking Stats in Sequence

    Brand Position

    Brand position is defined as the business position compared to the competitors within the same market. A high percentage of market share will cause your brand a high position as well. Your brand will be the market leader if it is in the highest position. 

    Tracking this metric statistic will let you keep updated about a lot of things, here are they:

    • Understanding market position: By tracking brand position stats, companies can understand where they stand in the market compared to their competitors.

    • Measuring progress: Brands can use brand position stats to measure their progress over time and determine if their marketing and branding efforts are having the desired impact.

    • Identifying areas for improvement: By tracking brand position stats, companies can identify areas where they need to improve their branding and marketing efforts. 

    Picture 2: Brand Position Graphic 

    Picture 2: Brand Position Graphic 

    Market Share

    Market share is the percentage of total sales in a specific market that is captured by a particular brand. It is a measure of a brand's relative size and strength in the market compared to its competitors. 

    You succeed in dominating the market if the market share value of your brand is higher than competitors. These values ​​will also affect the position of your brand. Tracking market share is important for several reasons:

    • market share is the key indicator of competitiveness

    • this data is important to judge the market growth

    • it is essential in identifying market opportunity

    • market share stats help the brand to prepare the next move

    Using your SEO Stats, you can get the data about market share in the most comprehensive way

    Picture 3: Market Share Statistic in Sequence

    Picture 3: Market Share Statistic in Sequence

    Rank Distribution

    Rank distribution displays the distribution of keyword rankings on the SERP, both organic rankings and absolute rankings from certain domains. Organic ranking is the rank obtained in an unpaid search. While the absolute ranking is the rank from all elements in SERP including paid results.

    Through ranking distribution data, you can measure the success of your content based on the percentage of keywords on your website that manages to appear on the top rankings of search engines. Next, you can determine website optimization steps to maintain or improve that position.

    Picture 4: Rank distribution graphic

    Picture 4: Rank distribution graphic

    Impression Share

    The next website stats you have to monitor is impression share. It is the percentage of impressions your site or ad successfully received compared to the number of impressions your ad is entitled to.

    This is an important metric since you can understand how well your page is performing, its visibility, and optimizing the campaign (adjust ad copy, keyword, and bid.) By monitoring impression share, companies can make changes to their campaigns to increase the visibility of their ads and improve return on investment (ROI).

    Picture 5: Impression share data visualization in Sequence Stats

    Picture 5: Impression share data visualization in Sequence Stats

    Search Volume

    It is always important to track your search volume to keep your site well-performing. The search volume here refers to the number of searches for your overall keywords. This statistic can tell whether your current targeted keywords are still worth targeting.

    Make sure you have historical data about all your search volume so that you can compare every period. That way, you will not lose any chance to prioritize which keyword over others. 

    Picture 6: Search volume statistic displayed in a line graph

    Picture 6: Search volume statistic displayed in a line graph

    Competition Index

    Competition index refers to the level of competition of keywords for ad placement. The level of competition from 0-100 is defined by the number of ad slots filled divided by the total number of ad slots available.

    This is important SEO stats you need to monitor regularly.  By doing it, you will be informed about how your ads will perform in the future. Thus, you will not be gambling on your ads. Here is an example of the competition index over time.

    Picture 7: Competition Index in Sequence Stats Feature

    Picture 7: Competition Index in Sequence Stats Feature

    SEO Stats Tool

    So, how to check website stats? To monitor all of those essential SEO Stats, you will need to have a tool that can really show the data thoughtfully. The above pictures are taken from Sequence App in its newest module Stats. Those data can be accessed by whoever has an account. 

    With comprehensive visualization, users can access the data within one board. Not only that, but you can invite your team to join and collaborate for better results. With the team management feature, you can define your team role within the project. 

    Thus, monitoring SEO stats will no longer be a problem for you. You can register now and experience the free trial and free balance to track your keywords. 


    Tha is everything. You cannot ignore one of the above stats if you want successful digital marketing through SEO. Keep yourself updated with valuable data and make informed decisions for your business. 

    The above are the most essential stats, but if you have other metrics that you think are important, then you have to track them based on your goal. As every business has its own SEO KPIs, thus keeping your strategy on a goal-focused approach is important.