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Sequence Pricing


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  • Only 1 team
  • $0.120 per keyword
  • Team member up to 10 (per team)
  • Domain up to 5 (per team)
  • SEO Kanban Feature


For new marketers & small business

7/ month

Save 30%
  • Up to 5 teams
  • $0.100 per keyword
  • Team member up to 35 (per team)
  • Domain up to 20 (per team)
  • SEO Kanban Feature


For SMEs, agencies, & SEO Specialists

50/ month

Save 40%
  • Up to 15 teams
  • $0.087 per keyword
  • Team member up to 50 (per team)
  • Unlimited domains
  • SEO Kanban Feature


For large companies & enterprises

67/ month

Save 50%
  • Up to 30 teams
  • $0.080 per keyword
  • Unlimited team members & domains
  • SEO Kanban Feature

Need Custom?

Not enough and you want to get more?

Get Quote

  • Unlimited team, team members, and domains
  • $0.080 per keyword
  • Consultant Support
  • SEO Kanban Feature

Pricing Calculator

This feature allows you to calculate an estimate of how much you will spend based on your active keywords.





Conversion: ~$1 = Rp15.672,7

syncronized at 2015-03-25 (GMT+7)

This package is a great choice for starters, start tracking your keywords only for Rp1.8k/keywords

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