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an illustration of SEO team structure and how to manage them

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    SEO is a complex activity that is hard to do on your own. Thus, it demands collaboration between various divisions. If you have great team collaboration, then achieving SEO goals is easier. SEO team structure also plays an important role in the project. 

    However, managing all SEO team structures should be effective. If not, you're going to mess them all up. Within this article, we would like to give some insight into the SEO management team and the SEO Stats you can utilize.

    Why Managing SEO Team Structure Is Necessary?

    Having an SEO team or multiple SEO teams with different projects is challenging without good SEO team management. Well, managing any team is challenging without a good approach and technique. 

    Good management will lead to the greatest achievement in SEO projects. This is because they will have a smoother collaboration and workflow. No matter how professional your SEO team is, if you do not have effective team management, you cannot bring them together to the right path of the project. 

    So, managing the SEO team structure is necessary if you ever dream about achieving all SEO goals at the end of the project.

    How to Build SEO Team Structure

    As we said, the SEO team should be managed effectively to achieve the core goals. It started with building the SEO team structure. Here is how to build a great team structure that actually works. 

    Set Up Your Goals

    The team structure truly depends on your needs and goals. You can have a big structure in carrying out the SEO project, but you might also have a small SEO team who can cover all activities. 

    Defining your goals at the beginning is important to measure the success and the failure of your team. To help you set up the goals, the below checklist might need to be noted. 

    • Do evaluate the previous goals: If you have a previous project, you can evaluate the goals of that project. Whether it has been met or not. If it hasn't, then you need to know why. By doing it, you can prevent setting hard-to-achieve goals in the next project. 

    • Set measurable goals: besides evaluating previous goals, your next goals must be measurable and highly relevant to the business. It will make your team easier to do an actionable SEO checklist and measure it.

    • Be specific: you need to be specific while setting up the goals for your team. Everything needs to be specific in the beginning, then your team will execute it thoroughly without needing more explanation. It will hinder your team from uncertain work and goals that make them not understand what they are working on.

    • Define your budget: budget is important to define before you are stepping up on hiring or structuring your team, Make sure that your budget is well-spent for the team and the tool. 

    The above checklist is just a few of the many things you should consider before building your SEO management team and its goals. The point is, do not let your team go astray because you have unclear and unprepared goals.

    Map Your Team

    The next is to map out your SEO team structure. The size of the team depends on the SEO needs of every project you handle. However, here are the base stakeholders in the SEO team structure:

    • SEO Manager: the one who knows the SEO strategy and manages the workflow of the project. This role is the most important party. Without the expert, you cannot define the SEO strategy.

    • Web developers: you need them to handle the technical SEO activities and make sure there are no technical issues on the website that hinder it from achieving a high ranking.

    • Content team: writers are important to handle the on-page SEO of the website. the content they write can be the tool that connects wide internet users to your business. Thus, you can hire an SEO content writer or use a content writing service. Make sure it suits your budget. 

    • Marketing team: marketing team is always needed in the SEO process, they can help you promote the website or the content to build quality links. 

    The above role is the basis of the SEO team structure. However, it does not mean that you should hire four people because this is not about the people, but the task of the role. If you can have one person that can handle two roles at once, then you don't have to hire four resources. 

    In some big projects, you might need a wider team such as a competitive research team, content strategist, data analyst, copywriter, and other roles to support each SEO activity. 

    Choose SEO Team Management Tool

    When you have mapped out your team, the next thing you need to do is to have a nice SEO team management tool. Choose a tool that can accommodate your team's needs such as ease of team communication, task management, and SEO analytics capabilities. 

    Worry no more, you do not need to bother choosing the right one out of the blue. Sequence Stats is here to help you. Sequence Stats is an SEO tool that is able to serve you with SEO metrics data such as keyword ranking data, market share, your business performance, and many other SEO metrics.

    Besides the ability to serve SEO Stats, you can use Sequence to manage your SEO team. The Team Management feature in Sequence allows you to create multiple teams and domains within one account only. 

    In this tool, you can add team members across divisions to monitor the SEO performance. Thus, every stakeholder will keep track of the project. You can invite your team to join and set the role for them. 

    Figure 1: Team Management page in Sequence Stats

    Figure 1: Team Management page in Sequence Stats

    Evaluate Your Team Productivity

    Within the SEO project period, you need to evaluate the team's productivity. This is to measure whether the implementation of SEO is effective or not. Evaluating the team's productivity sounds like daunting work because you should keep an eye on them. But, that is not going to happen if you have a Sequence Stats account.

    You have added your team to your account in Sequence Stats for a certain project. You can utilize Kanban board features to deliver tasks to each member of your team. With this feature, you can monitor your team's productivity. 

    Figure 2: Kanban board feature in Sequence

    Figure 2: Kanban board feature in Sequence

    You can monitor how your teams are doing for a certain task by checking the task status, whether it is on a to-do, in progress, or done board.

    This feature offers you these benefits:

    • Detailed task documentation: Kanban can record all tasks your team has, thus there is no forgotten task anymore.

    • Ease of communication: all team members can give comments and collaborate in finishing a task in Sequence Kanban.

    • Time efficacy: By having clear documentation, your team will finish the task based on the timeline. The visualization of Kanban will inspire your team to do it in time.

    • Budget efficiency: you do not have to subscribe to two different tools to monitor your SEO and manage your team task. The Kanban board in Sequence Stats is integrated into one tool only.

    Wrapping Up

    That is all we got for you. SEO projects should be carried out by a great SEO team structure, if not, then it will be a big challenge to achieve the goal. Building a great SEO team structure begins with setting up your goal, mapping out the team you need, choosing the right SEO management team tool, and then the last is to evaluate its productivity.

    You should not do it all manually since Sequence Stats is able to help you do it. You can manage your team, monitor your keyword performance, monitor the competitors, and manage your team's tasks through the Kanban board. 

    Now, you can register yourself and get a free balance for a year!

    Do you have a big team now? Check out Sequence pricing.