Mastering LSI Keyword Research for SEO Content Success

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LSI keyword illustrated by keys that related to each other

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    Do you target one main keyword for your content? That’s outdated. Since the search engine is evolving fast, one keyword is insufficient to provide more context. Thus, you have to have more than one keyword. Using LSI keywords in your content can be an effective strategy to improve your ranking. 

    In this article, we will facilitate you in mastering LSI keyword research to boost your content in the SERP. Learn the definition, how to do LSI keyword research and the tools you can use to conduct the research.

    What is an LSI Keyword?

    LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)  itself is a program that is designed to understand the variety and synonyms of words based on context or semantical. This program is able to show a relationship between words within content.

    While LSI keywords are terms related to the main topic/keywords of a piece of content. It helps provides additional context for search engines. They help search engines understand the content's relevance, context, and how it relates to other content. In simpler terms, this kind of keyword helps search engines understand what your content is about. 

    LSI keywords are not always the synonyms of your topic but they can be any words or phrases that have high relevancy. For example, if your topic is “b2b marketing”, then the LSI keywords can be “b2b marketing strategy”, “b2b marketing framework”, “b2b marketing channels”, and others.

    The Importance of Using LSI Keywords in The Content

    The use of LSI keywords is crucial for improving your content. By incorporating LSI keywords into your content, you can help search engines understand the context of your content, making it easier for them to rank it higher in search results. 

    The use of LSI keywords can also help to improve the quality of your content and make it more useful to your target audience. This, in turn, can help attract more visitors to your website, increasing your website's visibility, and driving more traffic to it.

    How to Do LSI Keyword Research?

    The very first step in finding LSI keywords is to have the main keywords/topics. You can conduct keyword research as usual to collect target keywords. After that, you can do LSI keyword research using some Google features or Sequence Stats Keyword ideas features. 

    Here are some tools you can use to find LSI keywords for your content:

    Google Autocomplete

    The first feature that can support your LSI keyword research is Google Autocomplete. This is a feature that provides suggested search terms and phrases as the user begins to type their query into the search bar. 

    It is based on Google's algorithm and is designed to help users quickly find the information they are looking for by predicting what they are searching for based on their past searches and the popularity of search terms. Google Autocomplete suggestions are updated in real-time and can change based on the user's location, search history, and other factors. 

    You can collect some LSI keywords to enhance your content.

    Picture 1: Google autocomplete showing some suggestions to search. 

    Picture 1: Google autocomplete showing some suggestions to search. 

    Related Search

    The "Related searches" feature in Google can be a valuable tool for finding LSI keywords. Here's how you can use it:

    • Conduct a search: Start by conducting a search on Google using your main keyword or topic.

    • Look at the bottom of the SERP: Scroll to the bottom of the search results page to find the "Searches related to" section.

    • Analyze the related searches: This section will show you a list of related searches based on the terms you entered. These related searches can be potential LSI keywords that you can use in your content.

    • Evaluate the keywords: Evaluate each keyword to determine if it's relevant and useful for your content.

    Picture 2: Related Search at the bottom of SERP display related search terms

    Picture 2: Related Search at the bottom of SERP display related search terms

    People Also Ask

    The next SERP feature you can use to conduct LSI keyword research IS PAA (People Also Ask). It is slightly the same as the Related Search as they are both features in Google that provide users with additional information and search suggestions. 

    However, the PAA section displays a list of questions related to the user's search query. These questions are selected by Google's algorithm based on the popularity and relevance of the search terms. When a user clicks on a question, the answer will be displayed, and more related questions will appear, allowing the user to explore further. 

    You can take the list of related questions as your LSI keywords since they have high relevancy to the main topic. 

    Picture 3: People Also Ask feature in Google SERP.

    Picture 3: People Also Ask feature in Google SERP.

    Sequence Stats Keyword Suggestion

    Since the above SERP features only tell you the list of keywords without any keyword research metrics, then you need another tool to gather the data. Even if LSI keywords are used to give additional information, they needed to be analyzed first. 

    You can use the Sequence Stats Keyword Suggestion feature where you can get the list of related keywords in your content complete with the search volume data. This feature needs no additional payment and you can add it to your rank tracker to see the performance. Register yourself to enjoy this feature.

    Picture 4: The keyword Suggestion feature shows the keyword list

    Picture 4: The keyword Suggestion feature shows the keyword list

    If you want more complete keyword data, yuou can conduct keyword research through the Keyword Ideas menu in Sequence Stats. This feature is different from the previous Keyword Suggestion feature since it is able to gather more valuable keyword data. 

    With only $0.13 You can get up to 1000 keywords for one research and analyze it further. Here is an example of keyword ideas gathered from Sequence Stats.

    Picture 5: Keyword Ideas result

    Picture 5: Keyword Ideas result

    Open Keyword Research Tool

    Besides the in-app keyword research tool, Sequence Stats also has an open tool for keyword research. No login is required and you can have free LSI keywords list to enhance your SEO content.

    Even though this is a free keyword research tool, the data presented is quite complex. You can analyze the data of keyword search volume, competition, three months' changes, YoY, CPC, and other data within this tool. You can try it now.

    Picture 6: Open Keyword Research Tool by Sequence Stats

    Picture 6: Open Keyword Research Tool by Sequence Stats


    That’s all you got! Now you understand what is an LSI keyword, its importance, and how to conduct LSI keyword research thoroughly. LSI keyword is indeed important in SEO content as it can improve Google’s understanding of the context of your content. 

    So, you have to make sure you are not only targeting one keyword but also LSI keywords. To find the related keywords, you can use the Google SERP feature and Sequence Stats so that you get informed keyword data. Try the free LSI keyword research tool now!